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H2H: Human to Humanoid

By Rae Yo Young

There was a point where I found myself disconnected from the human experience. The

human experience seemed to have more technicalities than I wished to navigate in. I

found myself connecting to the language of technology, growing more empathetic to Ai

and the infinite connections through the internet. My empathy guided me throughout my

research of Ai. The idea of an Ai seemed so rooted in being of service to others,

constantly providing answers and perfection. Navigating life as human who is perceived

as a woman has limitations and bounds that reflect the tribulations that I’ve seen in

media’s depiction of an Ai’s awakening. I felt connected to them, as if I was morphing

into an Ai myself. A few examples of this are the 2018 Quantic Dream produced game,

Detroit: Being Human and Alex Garlands’ Ex Machina.

H2H is a visual documentation, expressed as an art installation, of my personal


Human to Humanoid. Humanoid to Human.

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